Epson Underwater Photo Contest

During the World ShootOut, you can dive in any natural water resource found around the world, including seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, under the ice and more.

You are invited to take part in the competition by diving in your familiar or favorite destination during the days of the shoot-out.
This can be a wonderful opportunity for you to either take a few days off for the sake of some diving in your local area, or to finally book the holiday
you’ve been dreaming of in an exotic dive destination, on a live aboard or in a dive resort.

Eligibility: Worldwide

Participation Fees

1. The Dive Destination Portfolio Category – 35 Euro
2. The Wide Angle Category – 35 Euro
3. The Macro & Super-Macro Category- 35 Euro
4. The Ship or Plane Wreck Category – Black & White – 35 Euro
5. The Underwater Environmental Conservation Category – 35 Euro
6. The Fresh Water Category – 35 Euro
7. The Amateurs Category – 25 Euro
The 7 categories listed above are open to all competition participants, aside from one exception, according to which images taken with DSLR cameras cannot be submitted to the Amateurs category.

Prizes:Cash prizes of up to $5,000 USD per Category

Copyright: Use of Photographs – By entering the competition, participants agree that the submitted photos in all categories may be used or reproduced for the media coverage of this event and for the promotion of future competitions in all media channels, including TV, Internet, written publications and more.
Competition organizers reserve the right to make use of images submitted to the competition for the purpose of publishing a competition album, calendars, and any other use that promotes future competitions or found useful by the production.
Submitted photos shall indefinitely remain in the producers’ archives without the requirement of further permission for usage.
Photo credits will be given to the photographer when applicable.
Submission of photos and participation in the competition entails an automatic acceptance of all the above. Use of images as described above will require no additional written or verbal permissions from the photographer.

The final deadline for submitting images to the different categories is Wednesday, August 31st, 2011, at 23:55 pm GMT +2.

Final judgment, during which 5 nominees and 3 winners are decided upon within each category, will take place in November 14-19, 2011, throughout the Epson Red Sea Eilat Shoot-Out event.


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