Ending Soon: Nikon Small World competition 2016

Nikon small world photo contestUse this two-part entry form to electronically enter the 2016 Nikon Small World competition. All required fields contain an asterisk, and must be filled out to successfully complete the form and enter the contest. Detailed instructions for entering digital images appear below the entry form window. After the form has been completed, click on the Continue button to view and edit the profile under which the entry will be submitted, and to continue with the submission process. Take a look at the Small World Contest Rules before submitting your entry form.

Eligibility: Open to all photographers worldwide.

Free to enter


1st Prize – $3,000 — toward the purchase of Nikon equipment.

2nd Prize – $2,000 — toward the purchase of Nikon equipment.

3rd Prize – $1,000 — toward the purchase of Nikon equipment.

Copyrights & Usage Rights: If your entry is selected by Nikon as a winning image, you will give non-exclusive rights to Nikon to use your name and the image in connection with the competition. You also certify that you hold the rights to grant such permission. Winning images will only be used in connection with the Nikon Small World Competition and accompanying publicity and will include appropriate photo credits.

Deadline: 31 March 2016

Website: https://www.microscopyu.com/smallworld/registration/entrypage1.aspx


unfortunately the  Contest is Over

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