International Iphone Photography 2016 – 2017

10 iphone contestParticipate in the international iPhone awards. The international iPhone award is open to all the photographers around the world, but the images should be taken from my iPhone, iPod  or iPad
The photos should not be altered in desktop laptop or Tablet the processing of the images should not be done in any professional tools like Photoshop Elements Elite room
Image editing is around only apps available in the iPhone within a limited way for  correcting the brightness and contrast and exposure of the scene not more than that

categories include abstract, animals, architecture, children, Flora, landscape, Lifestyle, nature, news, events, panorama, people, portrait, series, still life, sunset, travel, trees, and others.

Eligibility: iPhoneographers

The winner of the prestigious iPhone photography awards will receive 18 gold bars it is actually a cold mint bar made specially for the winners of 18 Categories.

18 Palladium Bazar also for 2nd and 3rd Prize winners in 18 categories

That copyright of the images remains to the photographer.

You don’t actually have to hurry up since the deadline of the contest is March 31 2017



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