Fashion Photography VIPA 2016


Fashion Challenge for photographers

VIPA 2016 is a competition open to photographers worldwide. The contest includes six disciplines each of them takes place in two rounds. “Fashion Photography VIPA2016” discipline is open for participants related only to fashion.The focus of the photographs should be directed to: clothing; jewelry; makeup; shoes; body art; hairstyles; Pictures in interior and exterior; that complement the vision; images that recreate history and leave emotion; other opportunities for attractive presentation of fashion collections; events; advertising, etc.

Participate with your best photos, share them and you will have a chance to win great prizes.

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Contest Themes: Fashion

Eligibility: Open to Worldwide

Open to Worldwide

Entry Fee: at the price of 9.60 euros

Prizes: Take part and you could win the amazing 6000 euro

The best 5 photographs will win the amazing 6000 euros. Contest winners with the highest total score will be paid these great cash prizes in euro:
1st place – 2000;
2nd place – 1500;
3rd place – 1000;
4th place – 800;
5th place – 700.
From 6th to 20th place each qualified contestant will receive an encouragement prize of 20 WINGS, which
will be added to his account.

Copyright: Every contestant owns the copyright of submitted images. Participants are to verify sole ownership of their work. Contestants give permission to the Contest Organizers to use without payment a free licensing right to unlimited access to the submitted images for advertising and Contest-related purposes such as PR materials, catalogues, calendars and a website. By entering the Contest, participants agree that their images will remain a part of its history and final Contest Ratings and may not be deleted.

Usage Right: All winning photographs will be used for the VIPA 2016 official exhibition as printed or digital copies. The exhibition will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. All photographs will be available for sale and photographers will receive additional 50% from the sale or all money will go for a charity. This is a subject to additional negotiations with the photographer. All entries are public and they will stay in the contest history for a minimum of 3 years.

Contest Ends On 01/15/2017

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