Nikon Short Film Photo Competition 2017

Nikon Contest Faq – U Should Know

1) Can I submit if I have shot my video with any camera other than a Nikon D-SLR?

Ans) No, this contest is purely for videos shot on Nikon D-SLRs only.

2) Will a Nikon COOLPIX shot film be eligible?

Ans) No, only videos shot through a Nikon D-SLR will be accepted.

3) How many RAW footages need to be sent?

Ans) A RAW footage of any one scene of the video can be sent. It need not be a long one.

4) What is the maximum duration of the film?

Ans) The film needs to be under or at the maximum of 10 minutes.

5) How do I upload my video/ RAW footage?

Ans) The participant needs to provide a link to their short film uploaded on any video platform and a downloadable link of the RAW footage, which is mandatory.


By submitting the video in the contest, the participant is acknowledging that:

i) The owner of the submission confirms that he is the rightful owner of the content and has all the rights to the entry

ii) There’s no violation of copyrights whatsoever

iii) The participant is completely accountable for the submitted video and the description.

iv) Nikon shall have the right to modify or adapt in part or in whole, any of such materials before publication at its sole discretion

Should Not

Video should not contain any watermark, website address, logo, trademark or e-mail id on it. Tampered, morphed, graphically enhanced videos will be disqualified.

Where to upload

Entries posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will not be accepted. The entries should be submitted on

#ShortsOnNikon entries will be accepted from 15th December to 15th February only.

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