Win Nikon D5600 and Nikon D500 – Nikon Video Contest

Win Nikon D5600 and Nikon D500 – Nikon Video Contest – Pls check the FAQ before entring in the contest and do remember the last date to enter in the contest us February 2017

The contest is being held by Nikon India and Nikon India users are invited to take part in the contest.


1) Can I submit if I have shot my video with any camera other than a Nikon D-SLR?

Ans) No, this contest is purely for videos shot on Nikon D-SLRs only.

2) Will a Nikon COOLPIX shot film be eligible?

Ans) No, only videos shot through a Nikon D-SLR will be accepted.

3) How many RAW footages need to be sent?

Ans) A RAW footage of any one scene of the video can be sent. It need not be a long one.

4) What is the maximum duration of the film?

Ans) The film needs to be under or at the maximum of 10 minutes.

5) How do I upload my video/ RAW footage?

Ans) The participant needs to provide a link to their short film uploaded on any video platform and a downloadable link of the RAW footage, which is mandatory.

#ShortsOnNikon entries will be accepted from 15th December to 15th February only.


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