All Things Indian Photo Contest


My soul honors your soul.

We are one. We are United.

Imagine your five senses to be a bunch of analog audio-visual knobs & the moment you step inside the border of India, those knobs will turn up to their highest. The aroma of “Chai” the skrills of Vendors, the sight of Turbans, Burqas & Sarees, the honks , the bells, the color, the monkeys, the chants; everything would tell a story.

A person from Europe will feel better bragging about his 1000 ft hike in Mont Blanc until he experiences the celestial jitters of Chakra Healing.

You’d realize that you never felt so alive, with so much of diversity around you blended so seamlessly.

Enough of charisma lets get down on the roads to capture “Everything Indian”.

Contest Themes: all subject

Eligibility: Open to Worldwide

Entry Fee: 200 Rs

Prizes: 1) Judges Choice Winner: Canon 1300D with 18-55mm & Tamron 70-300 AF Lens worth Rs 42,955

2) First Runner-up: Tamron B018 18-200mm Canon/Nikon Mount worth Rs 17,900

3) Second Runner-up: Tamron 70-300 AF Canon/Nikon Mount worth Rs 11,000

Copyright: copyrights and ownership of the works are retained by the photographer.

Applicants grant Photofie and its associate sponsors non-exclusive right to use and reproduce submitted photographs (with the name of the photographer) for promotional (e.g.: website and Facebook page of the Gallery, catalog) and exhibition purposes. No royalties or compensation will be paid for these purposes.

Usage Right: The participating images will be available to Photofie and its associate sponsor to access and can and only be used for advertisement and marketing purpose but by providing adequate credits to the photographer

Contest Ends On 08/20/2017

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