Tri M Graphics 2018 Photo Calendar Contest

Gather up those amazing photos you’ve been taking throughout the year and get them ready to win some $$$!

Rules: The theme can be anything. The photo may be black and white or color. Photos must be at least 8”x10” no larger than 11”x14”. We cannot accept slides. Digital photos are permitted, but must be sized correctly – preferably high resolution. You can enter your photos on our website. If a digital photo is selected we would request the electronic high resolution digital file. Limit of two photos per person, please. Photos may be reproduced for the Tri M Calendar as color, duo-tone, or black and white.

Contest Themes: Photo Contest 2017, Under 18 Photo Contest, Yearly Contest, all subject, Architecture, Beauty, Black & White, cityscape, Fashion, Landscape, Macro, Nature, Nude, Ocean, People, Pets, Photojournalism, Portrait, Sports, Student, Summer, Travel, Wedding, weddings, Wildlife, Women

Eligibility: USA

Prizes: Prizes: $1000.00 dollars in prizes will be given away! If your photo appears on a monthly page you will receive $75.00. If your photo appears on the cover, you will receive $100.00. Photos and prizes may be claimed after the open house in November. Photos must be picked up by December 31st or they will be discarded.

Copyright: Authorization To Reproduce

This will certify that the person or entity named below is the author and copyright owner of the work described as Photograph entered in the Tri M Graphics Calendar Contest, that the author consents and authorizes Tri M Graphics to reproduce the work, and that the author will indemnify, defend and hold Tri M Graphics harmless from any suit, claim or demand arising from the reproduction of the work in the calendar. Tri M Graphics may also use the photograph in other marketing tools, Tri M Graphics will not sell the photo or the product directly made from the photo. Prizes will be awarded to the copyright owner.

By submitting your photos you agree to Tri M Graphics Copyright Agreement. If your photo is chosen a physical form will be mailed to you to complete.

Usage Right: Photos may be reproduced for the Tri M Calendar as color, duo-tone, or black and white.

Contest Ends On 09/30/2017

Contest Website:

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