Travel Photography VIPA 2017

The “Travel Photography VIPA 2017” contest is suitable for participants, who wish to present their best photos on the topic.

VIPA 2017 is a competition open to professional and amateur photographers worldwide. The competition includes 6 main categories with 24 contests: People, Advertising, Nature, Architecture, Reportage and Special. All the contests will be held in 1 round. The photographer who has the highest total score in 4 contests from 1 category will become a category winner.

Inspirational images for the senses

Photography can be a very powerful media. The photographs not only show some facts, they tell stories and feelings. And most importantly for the audience is that photos have captured the emotions of the photographer at the time of their capture.

Our world is filled with countless wonders, amazing new locations are found and photographed every day. Different geographic locations, climate conditions and different seasons offer an amazing variety of natural wonders: pink lakes, stunning fields of tulips and lavender, breathtaking canyons and mountains and many other beautiful places that you can hardly believe that actually exist.

Earth has places with indescribable beauty and it’s hard to say whether one life really would be sufficient for us to visit them, but it is worth trying. Sometimes travel photography is a feeling and challenge that requires a good look at what you shoot. Creativity and photos with good quality depends on the skill of the photographer to sees things differently.

Participate and win great awards with VIPA

Jury team of experts and users will vote for the best media. You will have the opportunity to influence the final result. Use virtual currency to purchase additional voices and promote your participation or that of your favorites.

Contest winner with the highest total score and the best photograph on 1st place will win the amazing 500 euro prize, plus 10% from the entry fee fund. All participants from 2nd to 20th place will receive an encouragement award of 50 WINGS.

If you participate in all 6 VIPA categories, your chance to be crowned as the world Photographer of the Year is much bigger. The winner will receive an additional payment of 5000 Euro, Golden VOUBS and Certificate.

What is WINGS?

VOUBS contest hub operates with its own virtual currency WINGS, which is added to your online wallet and through it you pay the entry fees to participate. 1 WINGS equals € 0.32 euro. Any registered user may participate by paying an entrance fee.

To participate, you must have in your virtual wallet at least 20 WINGS (at a price of € 9.60 euro) for each photo. You can purchase virtual currency from PayPal and ePay.

Join VOUBS contest hub today and take part in VIPA 2017 contest for Travel photography now. Participate with your best photos, share them and you will have a chance to win great prizes. The deadline for participation is 15.02.2018.

Contest Themes: Photo Contest 2017

Eligibility: Open to Worldwide

Open to Worldwide

Entry Fee: 9.60 Euro per media

Prizes: • 1st place wins 500 Euro

• From 2nd to 20th place wins 20 WINGS

• 1st place in category wins 1000 Euro

• Photographer of the year wins 5000 Euro

• All cash award winners will be exhibited with their selected photographs in 14th European exhibitions

All the winning photographs will participate in a combined catalogue with VIPA 2016 and 2017 winners

• All the winners will receive a certificate

• All the winners will receive a medal

• All the winners will receive a free 10 catalogues

Copyright: Every contestant owns the copyright of submitted images. Participants are to verify sole ownership of their work. Contestants give permission to the Contest Organizers to use without payment a free licensing right to unlimited access to the submitted images for advertising and Contest-related purposes such as PR materials, catalogues, calendars and a website. By entering the Contest, participants agree that their images will remain a part of its history and final Contest Ratings and may not be deleted.

Usage Right: All winning photographs will be used for the VIPA 2017 official exhibition as printed or digital copies. The exhibition will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria. All entries are public and they will stay in the contest history for a minimum of 3 years.

Contest Ends On 02/15/2018

Contest Website:

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