Klaud9’s Food Photo Challenge

Submit your favourite food photos, whether it is a delicious Asian dish or a family having a festive dinner. By submitting your photos you can stand a chance to win S$75.

Contest Themes: all subject

Eligibility: Open to Worldwide

Entry Fee:

Prizes: 75SGD

Copyright: You retain all rights, including the copyright to your uploaded Visual Content. You must own all submitted images.

Usage Right: In order to register for a Klaud9 Account, you must be at least 18 years of age. Klaud9 may require that you provide sufficient proof of age and identity before activating your Account.

Please include model release to increase your chances of having your photos added to our marketplace.

Contest Ends On 01/05/2018

Contest Website: https://www.klaud9.com/challenges/challenge/food


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